About Us

Company History

Our story began with a remarkable woman who defied societal norms and surpassed all expectations to carve her own path in the world. Amidst a societal landscape that prioritized conventional roles of marriage, household responsibilities, and motherhood, she courageously embraced a different vision.

With a strong desire for education and a determination to pursue her career aspirations, she embarked on a path less traveled. In a family where no woman had ever pursued higher education, she decided to become the exception. To lead the way for the future generations.

Years later, she not only graduated from an Ivy League University and built a thriving career, she also raised three beautiful and talented children including two powerful daughters - her first-born being the second in the family to earn an undergraduate degree.

Company History

The power trio, Saima Ali (Founder & CEO) and her daughters Maha Syed (COO) and Isra Syed (CMO), being the familial exceptions, knew that they wanted to give back to their community. To women whose means were limited yet dreams, larger than life. And so, RevSoft was born.

In a country where amidst a growing population of over 200 million people, Pakistani women make up for only 20% of the workforce, RevSoft came in with a way to change that. To revolutionize the IT sourcing landscape while addressing the pressing challenges of gender diversity and talent acquisition.

In Pakistan, only 16% of women who studied computer science have jobs in their relevant field. These statistics emphasize the critical importance of empowering women in the IT sector in Pakistan and underscore the need for initiatives that bridge the gender gap.

Revsoft Cares

As a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) enabling organization, RevSoft has taken this disparity as an opportunity to create a lasting impact. To open doors for women by providing them with equal opportunities to grow personally, professionally and financially.

One of RevSoft’s major goals is to bring a 20% bump in the gender diversity ratio of Pakistan’s IT industry. In the pursuance of the same, we are proud to be registered on the vendor list for the esteemed Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program. Alongside that, we’re in the process of joining their database to leverage strategic partnerships that align with our vision to provide more opportunities for women in the tech sector.

Over the years, Pakistan’s tech talent has gained substantial international recognition, positioning RevSoft at the forefront of a thriving ecosystem of innovation and talent. The disparity between job supply and demand in Pakistan’s formal economy has carved a unique advantage for RevSoft to source top talent at budget-friendly rates to businesses globally.

At RevSoft, we believe in shining a light on those without lanterns. Championing the empowerment of those from humble beginnings. We are not just here to shape the future of technology, we are here to shape the future of Pakistan. We are the future. We are the revolution. We are RevSoft.

We are the future. We are the revolution. We are RevSoft.