Client Testmonials

Revsoft – Qaori Partnership

Qaori Cooperative is now a partner of Revsoft Global, a women-owned IT Sourcing Company with a purpose: “Coding A Better Future: Empowering Women In Pakistan’s Tech Industry”. The CEO Saima Ali and her daughters are founding an online academy to enable the millions of women in Pakistan and soon the World to access education. Our Qaori Cooperative will support them by providing a free platform to showcase the products and services provided by the growing workforce being created by the initiative.

We are also discussing the inflation-proof Qaori currency to be used as a free alternative to expensive and complex classic banking and international remittance services.

Qaori and Revsoft together are all about empowering and protecting the wealth of the people who do the work, teaching them skills, and market locally or internationally, on our platforms.

Revsoft and team are already working on our next generation platform, tailored to onboard a billion members and provide the whole range of cooperative services for free to the 12 million cooperatives in the world.