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College & Career Acceleration Pilot Program Summer 2024

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Our Initiative

RevSoft Global and Jamila Foundation are proudly launching our first college and career acceleration pilot program this summer. We are thrilled to offer courses and projects in technology talent management, digital marketing, writing, and Environmental/STEM projects. This initiative is designed to provide participants with valuable skills and experiences in these fields.

Additionally, 50% of the program’s proceeds will go to the Jamila Foundation, supporting its mission to empower women through IT education and employment opportunities. We look forward to making a significant impact together.

Technology Talent




Program Introduction
Q&A Webinar

This pilot program will help millions of women around the world

Empowering Minds, Shaping Futures

Meet The Team


Saima Ali

Harvard ANHW DSG President for North Carolina
Founder and CEO @ RevSoft
Founder of Jamila Foundation


Maha Syed

Program Manager
Student Support Coordinator
NC State Alumni
COO @ RevSoft Global
Founder of Permaculture Solutions
Board Advisor for Jamila Foundation

Volunteer Coordinator

Umar Tariq

Backend Developer

Volunteer Coordinator

Adeel Ahmad 

UI/UX Designer
UX researcher

Volunteer Coordinator

Saanvi Elongovan 

Social Media Outreach Coordinator

Complete 8-Week Course Topic Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for the program

  • You may click one of the Apply Now buttons on this page 

  • You may scan the QR code from one of our social media flyers 

Both options will direct you to the Application via Google Form

If selected

First, A registration link will be sent to the email on file from the Google Form submission. In the first email, you will be sent 

  • The payment link to submit tuition for the course(s) you selected. 

  • Students will pay for the course via Stripe through a secure Stripe link from the Program Manager (


Next, after the payment has been processed successfully on Stripe, a second email with the 

  • Optional donation receipt (for future tax write-off)

  • Tuition receipt

  • Atlassian Credentials

  • M365 Credentials 


Next, after you complete the course(s) your credentials will expire and our program manager will send your performance-based course completion materials to your email we have on file. You will receive 

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Personalized Professional Networking Opportunities

  • Professional Job/College Resume Templates

  • Personal Guidance on creating a Project Portfolio for College/Job Applications 


Finally, via email, you will be invited back to showcase your project with Joan P. Shwartz, Global Harvard ANHW President, in Late August-September 2024 through Zoom for additional feedback and networking.

Exclusive networking opportunities with Harvard Alumni Network Members


  • Connect with Harvard Alumni Network members, including Saima Ali and more. 

  • Share your project with Joan P. Schwartz, the Global Harvard chapter President for the Harvard Alumni Women’s Network.

Performance-Based Recognition

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Personalized Professional Networking Opportunities

  • Professional Job/College Resume Templates

  • Personal Guidance on creating a Project Portfolio for College/Job Applications

Capstone Projects That Create Real-World Impact

  • Technology Talent – Conducting Incoming RevSoft University Cohort 1 Student Assessment

  • Digital Marketing – Social Media Digital Marketing

  • Writing – Grant writing for Jamila Foundation (Nonprofit)

  • Environmental/STEM – Regenerative Development Framework and Design

Hard Skills

  • Atlassian Suite

  • M365 Business

  • Conducting Digital Tools Assessments

  • Project Submissions 

Soft Skills 

  • Leadership Training

  • Professional Communication

  • Creating Industry Quality Deliverables

  • Professional Email Writing

  • Professional Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Problem-Solving

  • Mentorship Experience

  • Tutoring

  • Time Management

Students have the choice to specify in the Google Form Application if they want to 

  • Register for the 8-week program for $3,600

registration closes June 29 2024 for the 8-week program

  • Register for any combination of the 8-week course offerings for $300 per week

registration closes August 17 2024 for the last week of the program

Students will pay the tuition in full to RevSoft Global, through Stripe payment, once the payment has been received to RevSoft Global, leadership will donate half the amount of the tuition in the student/donor’s name to Jamila Foundation. Once this donation is gifted, the student/donor will receive a donation receipt sent to their personal email.

Jamila Foundation is pending 501 c(3) approval as of June 23 2024 and the donation receipt will only be eligible for tax write off once Jamila Foundation is 501 c(3) approved. Applicants who donate will be notified via email of final approval and their copy of the donation receipt. Jamila Foundation is anticipating to be 501 c(3) approved in July 2024. Source

  • Data from the student application form via Google form
  • Data from the student interactions, questions, and feedback asked by Maha Syed through email exchange
  • Data from the student assignments and project submissions
  • Data from the observations and feedback of Saima Ali, Joan Schwartz, and other Alumni Network of Harvard Women members
  • Data collected from user insights from Google, Atlassian Suite, and Microsoft


During the application process, students will be required to sign the following:

  • An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • A Parent Permission Form (For students under 18)
  • A Consent to be screen recorded/photographed (Optional) 

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