Outreach Program

Empowering Pakistani Women Through IT Education & Emotional Support.

The Problem

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Only a fraction of Pakistan’s IT workforce is female, despite the sector growing by over 50% in the past five years and showing high potential for excellence in STEM fields.

That's Where We Come In

revsoft vision

Our Vision

Revolutionize IT sourcing while empowering Pakistani citizens, with a primary focus on women.

revsoft mission

Our Mission

Become a global solution hub, optimizing labor costs and offering world-class technical talent for mission-critical projects.

Revsoft Objective

Our Objective

Strategically raise IT education and job awareness for all Pakistani women and girls.

Our Approach

Beyond education, we prioritize emotional well-being with NLP-certified trainers in regional languages.

The Impact We are Looking to Create

Beyond Indepedence

Women equipped with IT capabilities achieve not just financial independence but can also uplift their communities, fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Economic Impact

Elevating girls’ education by just 10% can boost a nation’s GDP by approximately 3%.


NGOs that have Joined the Cause

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Sponsorship Plan

Revsoft Outreach sponsorship

Number of students one year Advance Course cost one year $875,000

Revsoft Outreach sponsorship

Number of students one year Advance Course cost one year $925,000

Our courses are all-encompassing, covering all the essential needs, including laptops, network connections, cybersecurity, cloud storage, and more.
Total Funds Required One Year $1,800,000
Revsoft Sponsorship

We welcome all levels of sponsorship, and your support is invaluable. Your contribution, no matter the amount, makes a meaningful difference. Thank you for considering joining us in our mission.

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